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1 Incredible Office Manager

Highly organized, dynamic and committed, our Office Manager Nin, keeps us on track and in check. Thank you.

3 Fantastic Project Managers

Most of our customers are in Europe, so our developers are supported by 3 project managers who speak, Thai, English, French, Hungarian and Norwegian to interact with our international clients and make sure projects get delivered to schedule scope and on budget.

2 Amazing Designers

An eye for details and speedy delivery of awesome designs and logotypes. That's our designer in a few words. Rest assured that Panu our in-house designer will go above and beyond to make sure that his designs present your business in the best light possible.

14 Highly Skilled Developers

14 strong and growing! Our team of Thai developers has been expanding rapidly to match the growing demand from our client. With a successful track record of dozens of projects our back-end developers and front-end specialists master are awaiting your new technical and design challenges.


With a core team of senior developers we produce cutting edge and high performance products, whilst our junior team work tirelessly to fulfill customer needs with competitive pricing options. We serve companies on several continents and adapt individual working hours to fit with the client's needs.